Europolis exhibition next February in Bologna

The 8th Europolis, the most important show dedicated to the firms and associations working in the sector of sports and recreational plant engineering, swimming pools and fitness, will be held from 1st to 4th February, 2006, at the Bologna exhibition centre.

The route is divided into three highly specialized areas, close to one another – sports plant engineering, swimming pools and fitness – and grants to the visitor a highly qualified updating on planning, designing, management and advertising of the different sports structures. Managers of sports plants, schools, fitness centres, hotels, spas and rehabilitation centres, representatives of local authorities and local health services, technicians, engineers, designers, architects, managers of sports organizations for amateurs and professional players, sports promoters, sport marketing managers, event organizers and managers visit Europolis to find first quality information about the new products that will change the sports sector in the next months. But Europolis not only is an exhibition. A very busy meeting calendar – more than 60 meetings during the last edition – will study in depth the most relevant issues in the sector of sports, swimming pools and fitness with special attention to the new standards and financing/promoting systems for these activities.

Horizons of entrepreneurship growth, sports plant for major events, regional prescriptive evolutions, new models of aquatic sports and wellness will be treated during Europolis 2006.

The most active associations for these seminars are Coni, which organizes the meeting “Coni Services – Sports plants for major events and for basic activities”, the Associazione Nazionale Impianti Fitness&Sport – EuroWellness (National Association of Fitness and Sports Plants), protagonist of the seminar “Fitness: Sport for Health. New horizons of growth for entrepreneurs in this sector” and Scais (Società per la consulenza e l'assistenza nell'impiantistica sportiva, i.e. Association for sports plant consulting and assistance). The aquatic universe will be analysed by Assopiscine that will weight up “The situation of the regional laws in the light of the prescriptive evolutions under way”. The Meeting aims to check the legislation state of the art under the sanitary, safety, design and structural point of view as for swimming pools in those regions that have developed activities in this sector. The analysis will also involve the most recent developments of the technical standardization in this sector both from a national point of view (new edition of the UNI 10637) and from an international point of view (prestandards prEN 15.288-1 and prEn 15288-2 on safety requirements during the designing phase and the ISO documents on safety signals, respectively) in order to study the prospective for the integration of this set of standards. E.A.A. (European Aquatics Association) and Astralpool Italia will talk about Aquatic sports and wellness: new organizational models in the light of present and future life styles. To take the great entrepreneurial opportunities that the swimming pool sector offers nowadays means to interpret appropriately the implicit and explicit needs of those who frequent or will frequent the aquatic centres. From designing to a suitable choice of technological solutions, from the revision of organizational schemes to the promotion of customer-centred activities and services (Aquilibrium). In short, a new concept of aquatic sports that is one thing with the target of true wellness based on a system promoting perceptions, feelings and the pleasure of experiencing the swimming pool in total safety. Europolis, exhibition of technologies to live in town, aims to promote the therapeutic, social and preventive value of sports, which is universally acknowledged, at a metropolitan level. Sportspeople develop tolerance, team spirit and fair play which are crucial for a pacific and civil multiethnic society as the European one has been over the last 30 years. “Europolis is visited by 43,000 professional operators therefore it can support the society harmonious development”, says Luca Alberghini, director of O.N. Organizzazione Nike, the company organizing the show. “Sport plays a crucial role within the contest of social activities and it is the most important aggregation factor after education”. This is valid for people of different nationality as well as for disabled people or people with learning troubles. Since the very first teaching methods for disabled people in the ‘60s, teachers and psychologists strove hard to place sports side by side with the other academic subjects in order to cure handicap: they succeeded in the middle ‘80s. More than this, sports are a good ally to fight against obesity and to conquer a psycho-physical wellness. In the World Health Organization 2002 Report, overweight and fatness are reported to be the major risk factors for the development of non-transmittable diseases such as coronary and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes type 2, osteoporosis and some types of cancer. Over the last few decades, overweight and obesity have become a huge public problem in all the western countries. In Italy, 4-5 people out of 10 suffer from fatness, with higher peaks in the southern regions. The consequences of a sedentary life are very serious both for what concerns life expectations and diseases or disability caused by pathologies connected to obesity. Very serious are also the economic repercussions deriving from lower productivity and higher costs of assistance and social security. The EU nutrition centre considers physical activity and obesity as key priorities of the sanitary policy for the 2003-2008 programme. In Italy, the Agreement between the State, the Regions and the self-governing Provinces issued on 23rd March, 2005, states to carry into effect the National Programme for Prevention 2005-2007 where obesity is indicated as one of the most serious health problems since it affects children and women in fertile age, above all.

From 1st to 4th February, 2006, the 8th Europolis will turn the Fiera di Bologna into a huge sports centre and a lab for new idea on health and psycho-physical wellness.


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