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 Nov 04 New Maxi-scooter with an Aluminium Frame Yamaha's controlled filling diecasting technology now used in the frame of the new Majesty 400
 Oct 03 F.lli Gruppi: Such Enthusiasm for Motocross! F.lli Gruppi, official team partners in the world championships and well known supplier in the after-market
 Oct 03 Frames Revolutionised by Extrusions When extrusion applied to motorcycle frames is more viable than casting
 Aug 03 Dubal-Rheinfelden: Partners for Auto Strategic partnership for innovation (Dubal – Rheinfelden)
 Apr 03 Renewed Supersports Version “Controlled filling diecasting” technology for the 2003 version of the Yamaha R6
 Mar 03 New Frames For Yamaha And Honda Different aluminium technologies with the same goal: changing the heart of high-performance motorcycles
 Sep 02 A New Diecasting Method "Yamaha CF Aluminum Die Casting Technology" makes possible the mass production of large but thin aluminum diecast parts
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