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 Feb 13 Magnesium castings protection The debate is more and more focused on the use of magnesium alloys, especially in those sectors, such as automotive, in which very light products are required to have good hardness and resistance.
Thanks to its low specific weight and the consequent energy savings, magnesium is one of the most competitive materials in this area. In its processing, however, there are some problems as for the surface finishes since they do not always meet both aesthetic and resistance to wear and corrosion requirements set by the market.
 Feb 13 BMW chooses ZPF ZPF Therm Maschinenbau GmbH has just supplied six gas-fired aluminium smelting and holding furnaces, each with a smelting capacity of three tonnes per hour, for the newly-built smelting plant at BMW’s works in Landshut. The furnaces form the core of the new smelting plant.
 Feb 13 The Italian non-ferrous metals sector: what's new? Since our previous Mirror was published before the year-end holidays, there has been very little activity in our sector. Effectively, producers closed down for three weeks and activity re-started after January 7. Even then, buying proposals had to go through a "running-in" period of around a week before industry effectively came back to life. Therefore, only a few days have passed since the effects of consumers' return to work slowly began to be felt.
 Feb 13 The European Foundry Industry The International Foundry Forum was held in Prague last September, and its 7th event focused on market prospects for the industry: the production of industrial and commercial vehicles, aerospace, rail, agricultural machinery, ocean technology. Organized by CEMAFOND (The European Foundry Equipment suppliers Association) and CAEF (The European Foundry Association), the important event was attended by Alfin Edimet as a Media Sponsor of the event, along with other 250 participants (who make up 90% world castings production).
 Jen 13 Made in Italy mechanics hold up According to the data related to the Italian mechanical industry - published on the occasion of the last ANIMA (Italian Mechanics Federation) meeting - in 2011 had several facets: increase in the first six months, then a setback in summer, which is linked to the crisis of the international economic situation, and collapse in the second half of the year.
 Jen 13 Dubal aims at continuous growth Interview to president and ceo Abdulla Kalban

DUBAL reached just over one million tonnes production per year. What is next?
DUBAL has been in growth mode for several years. Our focus in 2012 is on consolidating this growth. By concentrating our efforts on improving our operations, we intend to gain better production returns on our expanded infrastructure.
 Jen 13 Horizontal axis machining center After a fiscal year featured by significant growth, despite all objective difficulties linked to both earthquake and tsunami, in 2012 Makino has been developing recording data and proposing seamless innovations.
Let us analyze the data related to the fiscal year that has closed last spring, and then indepth study the field of technology which, obviously, interests us more.
The turnover increased by 26% and reached 1.4 billion dollars. If we analyze the data recorded by the European branch led by Anders Ingemarsson, results are even more important, given the growth in the Old World: + 58%.
 Jen 13 GAC and FACE, a strategic partnership The growth of primary aluminium production in the Gulf region since 1971 has created a major industry in the GCC, an important driver of economic growth within the Region; on completion of the Ma'aden project and Emal expansions, primary production by 2014 will reach around 5 million tonnes per annum and the Gulf region will then be producing 10% of the world aluminium production.
 Dec 12 Lightweight bowstring system simplifies bridge construction made of aluminium Conventional constructions for pedestrian and bike path bridges made of wood, steel or reinforced concrete are usually very heavy and are therefore not easy to install, especially on impracticable terrain. That is why a Baden- Wuerttemberg aluminium company has developed a special bridge system made of aluminium that is even lighter than their former lattice trough bridges made of the same material.
 Dec 12 Linear guides under vacuum or water Cologne-based Igus GmbH continues to expand the programme of motors for its linear guide systems introduced a year ago. It has now presented new units made up of a motor and linear unit ready to be installed that have been specially designed for vacuum and water operation.
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