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 May 13 The primary aluminium industry in Europe The primary aluminium industry is experiencing years of great changes, not only for the shift of supplies and offers from the old continents such as USA and Europe to China, Far East and Middle East, but also for the closing of many smelter establishments especially in Europe due to severe cuts linked to age limits and energetic costs; trading fees, due to the fact that the metal quotation is not very interesting and has been blocked around 2000 US$, have been going on for many years and in 2012 they have led to the provisional or definitive cut of almost 4 million tons, corresponding more or less to 8% of global capacity.
 May 13 Japan: offer higher than demand There are still not enough cuts in the aluminium production. According to Sumitomo, the demand coming from China - the world's largest consumer - is still not enough to absorb the material in excess. According to the Japanese trading house, the surplus will increase even more this year, justifying the low level of prices whilst production cuts have not yet affected the large stocks left in the warehouses.
So in 2013, for the 7th consecutive year, the global aluminium offer will exceed demand and surplus will rise ...
 Apr 13 Finished parts without chips The process begins with the distribution of a thin layer of powder on the table by the wiper: uniformity and absence of "vacuum" are essential. (Courtesy ReaLizer)
For a few years rapid prototyping has been widely spread, thanks to the decrease of cost of simpler machines:
 Apr 13 Who protects the EU transformers During LME week in October serious questions were raised in different venues and specifically at the CRU "breakfast presentations" as to why and how aluminium consumers in global markets, and especially in the EU, were being told by their suppliers premiums had to increase when global inventories were at record high levels exceeding 10 million tonnes.
Criticism of the LME maximum daily load out rates was raised with the EU Commission and circulated by Reuters, other criticism was levelled at the recent (2010) acquisition of the main LME warehouses in Detroit and Vlissingen by Glencore, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, companies which are either LME members, financiers of the inventories or major suppliers of aluminium hg ingots to global markets, or a combination of all three.
 Apr 13 And China goes on ... The LME average cash price for aluminium in 2012 was equal to 2,022 dollars. If one takes into account that the estimate of production average cash costs amounts to about 1,900-2,000 dollars, one can easily understand how actual premiums, about 300 dollars per ton, are essential to the survival of several manufacturers. Of course, surviving does not mean prosperity, and Rio Tinto had to further devalue Alcan investment, reaching a total surplus of 29 billion dollars over a total of 38 billion dollars paid for the acquisition in 2007.
 Apr 13 Computational thermodynamics applied to aluminium alloys By adopting the Calphad (Calculation of Phase Diagrams) tecnique, all thermochemical information, both thermodynamic and phase equilibria data, are used to fit model parameters used to describe the Gibbs energy of individual crystallographic phases. The aim is to obtain a consistent set of model parameters that can describe the thermodynamic properties of the system in a realistic way.
 Mar 13 Emmebi's sartorial style "Passion never gets forgiveness".
An incontestable sentence by Pier Paolo Pasolini, one of the most intense poets from Friuli. It is strange to think about it today, in Friuli, in a company such Emmebi which has turned passion into its major banner. In 1960, founder Achille Mauro, dealer of Vespa mopeds, engaged, as for joke - and passion of course, - in the construction of a machine for the finishing of aluminium profiles.
 Mar 13 Issues and opportunities for extrusion Located near Brescia, Eural Gnutti in Rovato is a major player in the field of aluminium extrusion.
It chose the market of industrial applications of extruded products and in particular of drawn bars for mechanical processing, sophisticated products for the metallurgical quality of the alloys, the dimensional tolerances and the required mechanical properties.
We met Sergio Gnutti, one of the company owners, in his office in Rovato, to exchange ideas about threats and opportunities for aluminium extrusion in a difficult time continuing for years, and the prospects and expectations of an enterprise like Eural, always market leader.
 Mar 13 Energy and supply price With unanimous voice, Anfia, Assocarta, Assofond, Assomet, Assovetro, Federacciai, Confindustria Ceramica, Unacoma presidents – sectors employing 467,976 operators and boasting a total turnover of 184.75 million Euros – discuss the topic of energy costs in Italy, also in the light of the Alcoa events in Portovesme. Assocarta president, Paolo Culicchi, says: "25 Euros per MW/H is the energy price the Swiss Glencore multinational corporation asked the Government and Region to close the agreement.
 Mar 13 Kawasaki: Quick Robots! Active since 1896 in the fields of building, railway and aviation, the Japanese giant KAWASAKI boasts the production of the first industrial robot in Japan, in 1968. The following technological improvements in the mechanical and electronic sector have always maintained the common thread of AS programming language, which allows the creation of versatile and powerful applications by using already deployed electronic, electrical and mechanical hardware.
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