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 Jul 13 The car frame of FERRARI F458 ITALIA OMR Officine Meccaniche Rezzatesi, is a plant from Modena dedicated to the production of aluminium alloys spaceframes; it is located on a total area of 10 thousand square meters, 6 thousand of which are covered, and has 100 employees. The described project concerns Ferrari 458 Italia vehicle and refers to the new car frame architecture for rear engine vehicles with bolted engine sub-frame.
The project involves the use of castings, extrusions and metal sheets in light alloys and parts made of high tensile steel. A detailed description of car frame components with relative types and their distribution in terms of weight is shown in figure. The torque box located at the front of the frame, is made of hermoformed 6082 alloy and weighs 1.75 kg.
Some of the aluminium extrusions are made of a special alloy called HO682, with better resistance than traditional 6082 kg. The shell frame castings are made of Al-Si7-Mg primary alloy, able to ensure good mechanical resistance and good plastic reserve.
 Jul 13 Metalriciclo-Recomat 2014 From June 11th to 13th 2014, within the tenth METEF, the expo of customized technology for aluminium and innovative metals industry will be back in Verona for the 6th Metalriciclo-Recomat event. An irreplaceable source of raw/ secondary material for the industry, a support to the development of advanced but sustainable manufacturing, in Italy the recycling production chain recovers 33 million tons of secondary materials, excluding inert and organic fractions.
Between 2008 and 2010 the production of primary aluminium was reduced by 30%, secondary aluminium only by 5% while the collection and recycle of aluminium packaging in the twoyear period, has increased by 20%, reaching a recycle record of 72,4% of what was launched on the market in 2010.
 Jul 13 Aluminium Two Thousand, 8th world congress: in Milan 400 participants from 52 countries The Aluminium Two Thousand 8th World Congress officially closed on May 18th, but it’s echo is still strong. The great number of papers (120) presented have brought to the attention of the aluminium industry very innovative technologies and some of them have already been requested to some qualified speakers and to their companies for industrial application in the near future. The technical committee formed by Prof. Lorenzo Donati and Prof. Luca Tomesani of the University of Bologna, Italy for extrusion, Dr. Walter Dalla Barba, of Interall, Italy for finishing, Dr. Rosario Squatrito of the University of Bologna, Italy for casting and Eng. Luca Magagnin of AIMF, Italy for metallurgy, alloys billets & related equipment, measuring, testing & quality techniques, rolling assigned awards to the best papers for ...
 Jul 13 Competitiveness with environment in mind Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and the recycling process uses only 5% energy needed to produce the metal from raw materials. Besides, the recycling process prevents 95% greenhouse gas emissions related to primary aluminium production. Novelis knows this very well and in particular in the factory based in Pieve Emanuele, near Milan, where a new continuous casting and recycling line for aluminium has been recently inaugurated.
These are the results of a $ 15.8 million (12 million euro) investment for this multinational operating in the production of aluminium rolled products and in aluminium recycling.
 Jun 13 Compactor for aluminium slab scalpers A novelty is joining the scenario of the compacting and chopping of chip, an extremely useful and essential integration to slab scalping lines: the continuous-operation, controlleddensity, chip compactor. The intuition of the Italian company Selema (Giussano, MB) stems from careful observation of customer production processes: scalping process produces a huge quantity of chips all over the place, representing a cost for the business in terms of processing and management. True to its talent for turning customer requirements into concrete form, Selema has patented and prototyped a solution that overcomes the limitations of products the market currently offers.
 Jun 13 Patents - Sensor aided direct gating for metal casting
- Isostatic press mould and method for manufacturing a foundry core from such a mould
- Methods for die casting metals using phase separable fluids
- Method and device for casting a piston for an internal combustion engine
 Jun 13 Solutions for optimizing press lines The increased use of high-strength steels and light alloys in car manufacturing has necessitated the adjustment of existing lines for the transportation of sheet metal blanks. In order to quickly move aluminum blanks, for example, negative pressure is used for suction. Such blanks are also not destacked using magnets but fanned by compressed air to ensure several blanks are not taken at once.
Schuler Automation offers solutions which can be integrated into a wide range of press lines.
"We've fitted lines with reliable blank destacking devices, made adjustments to double blank monitors and sensors, and installed ...
 Jun 13 Audi, the pioneer of lightness Ultra-lightweight construction: Aluminum is an element of an intelligent material mix. AUDI AG is joining the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative to help develop a global standard for sustainable aluminum. As a pioneer of unitary aluminum car bodies, the company is taking the opportunity to influence the entire value chain of one of its most important materials – one of the objectives of Audi's corporate responsibility strategy.
 May 13 The StaCast European Project The StaCast project, acronym for "New Quality and Design Standards for Aluminium Alloys Cast Products", specifically addresses aluminium alloys foundry production, starting from the following base principles:
- the strategic role of aluminium alloys for the future of EU Foundry Industry;
- the need of having standard tools for identifying defects in Al alloys cast products;
- the need of having standards for evaluating mechanical behaviour of Al foundry alloys;
- the need of engineering rules for the mechanical design of Al alloys castings.
Keeping in mind these points, StaCast promotes the development of the aluminium foundry area in a quality/efficiency-driven and integration-oriented sector, thanks to the elaboration of: a Workshop of Agreement on Defects classification for Aluminium alloys castings; a Workshop of Agreement on Mechanical Properties of Al foundry alloys; dedicate guidelines and engineering rules to be employed in design and manufacturing chain of Al alloys cast components by mechanical designers and foundry-men.
 May 13 About AL packaging R&D and technological and design innovation have always identified the aluminium packaging industry and are almost always associated with increasing environmental performance improvements if compared to prevention principles.
Weight reduction, new printing technologies, formats and systems for consumption facilitation are associated with modern and innovative design in every packaging sector.
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