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 Oct 13 Let's make future lighter: the "2 mm" project In the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the University of Brescia, in collaboration with the OMR companies (Officine Meccaniche Rezzatesi) and FMB the foundry of the group, a research has recently been carried out, part of the project called "2 mm", related to the effects of the exposition in temperature on components made in thermal treated aluminum alloy for the automotive sector.
The exposures in temperature which take place on these particulars are connected to the various painting steps of the pieces and to their working collocation inside the vehicle.
In fact, the proximity to sources of radiating heat is an important element during the design step regarding thermal treated aluminum alloy components.
 Oct 13 Pretreatment system with mobile ramps Dollmar Meccanica, based in Caleppio di Settala (Milano), already present on the market with industrial washing and painting systems, has developed an automatic plant for pretreatment with mobile ramps (phosphodegreasing and washing) for large metal products. Thanks to the application of continuously moving special ramps, this pretreatment system allows processing pieces of different shapes with high precision.
Mobile ramps system also allows to:
- degrease large products
- replace any manual action
- eliminate any contact with products that are dangerous for the work location
- process products, sheets, panels and boxes of any size
- wash thoroughly pieces of complex shapes using continuously moving ramps
- excellent pretreatment results with short working cycles
 Oct 13 OL 4200 S Nox by Idra The automotive industry is engaged in complete reengineering activity aimed to reduce car weight to comply to pollution regulations becoming every day tighter and tighter in all countries. New, lighter, materials have to be used and one of best candidate is Al with all relevant alloys. ot only in power train parts like engine blocks, clutch housing, gear boxes, and more in general engine auxiliary parts but in suspension and body components Al alloys casting are now used and even more in near future. High mechanical property like UTS, Yield and Elongation are required. The conventional HPDC, very efficient under the cost side cannot fulfill integrity and metallurgical requirements because the typical micro porosity of the process and metal contamination.
 Sep 13 Robotized plants for various productions Tiesse Robot, leader of the industrial robotics for over 30 years, in 2013 continues its development and expansion policy on the international markets, especially in the emergent ones, where it proposes its own consolidated know-how and a constantly updated technology. Already present in Brazil with its subsidiary Tiesse Brazil, the company of Visano (Brescia) from 2011 has intensified its business in the South American country, with the implementation of automated plants for the most important local builders and producers. The tightening up of the security and ergonomics work rules in Brazil, together with the salary increases of workmen, offers new opportunities to robotics applied in sectors such as trimming and cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous products which imply hard and dangerous operations. Having said this, in the last few months Tiesse Robot has performed an on-site supply of innovative systems used for operations which before were carried out by low-cost labor.
 Sep 13 Die castings for high performances For some years the market for foundry castings, mainly for the automotive industry, requires ever more performing products against reduced costs. Die casting meets this condition, allowing to reach high quality standards in large production series. The presence of porosity in castings sometimes makes it impossible to perform heat treatment; thus, to improve its performance, it is necessary both to develop new technological solutions and to enhance foundry personnel's training.
The Technical Committee for Die Casting, active within Associazione Italiana Metallurgia, organized a Study Day dedicated to the "Die castings for high performance".
 Sep 13 Hunter launches Jetslinger JetSlinger™, the newest add-on to industry innovator Hunter Foundry Machinery Corporation's latest products, helps ensure improved pattern definition as well as uniformity of mold hardness and surface integrity.
The product, which shipped earlier this year, was demonstrated at Cast Expo 2013 - one of the global foundry industry's largest events - just held in St. Louis. JetSlinger is an option available for the new Hunter HLM linear-motion machine, as well as a retrofit option for the company's XL automated matchplate molding machines.
JetSlinger is an air amplification apparatus based on the Venturi principle that accelerates sand into the cope and drag flasks on these Hunter machines.
 Sep 13 Liquid nitrogen technology There are two different ways to use nitrogen in extrusion, both gaseous and liquid. The use of gaseous nitrogen, especially in recent years, made it possible to create an inert atmosphere at the exit of the matrix, improving the surface of the extruded item. The new technology of liquid nitrogen directly into the matrix has paved the way to a much more significant increase in productivity while maintaining a high level of surface quality of the extruded item, and represents a significant innovation in the aluminium extrusion sector. The Italian Profilati company, constant in its interest for technological innovation, has been using since 2009 this technology in its production facilities, with considerable advantages in terms of extrusion speed and therefore press productivity and improvement of profile quality both superficially and in terms of metallographic structure.
 Aug 13 Hydro Aluminium Slim: open plants to explain industry Organized as a part of the Aluminium for Future Generations Program, a guided visit at Hydro Aluminium Slim plant, one of the major aluminium rolling mill plants in our country, based in Cisterna di Latina took place on April 15th. The Rolled Products plant of Cisterna di Latina, established in 1964 and taken over by Hydro in 2002, has approximately 450 employees. A comprehensive revamp started in 1998, including the foil mills, the remelt casthouse, the hot mill and the installation of a new high-bay storage and cold rolling mill, the IT infrastructure and process controls.
 Aug 13 Emirates Global Aluminium begins With the creation of Emirates Global Aluminium, after the agreement between Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) and Mubadala Development Company of Abu Dhabi, the world's fifth pole of primary aluminium production comes to life. The company deriving from this agreement between Dubal and Emal, respectively located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, will have a market value of $ 15 billion with production capacity of nearly 2.5 million tons of primary aluminium per year (Dubal with an annual output of more than 1 million tons, Emal with 1.3 million).
 Jul 13 OMR: development and investments According to Marco Bonometti, newly elected president of Associazione Industriale Bresciana, "there are no big secrets underlying success: work, quality, innovation, i.e. investments". Evolution is the key word; 40 million investments was the scope of the OMR policy which "today can provide the automotive sector with everything, from the joints to the inner shell of a Ferrari vehicle. An excellence in the Brescia area which opens up to the world, also through its participation in Alumotive (Verona, 11-13 June 2014), "a showcase – as it is considered - of opportunities for the new challenges Italian entrepreneurs must face".
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