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 Jen 14 Aluminium extrusions for automotive The automotive industry is one of the main businesses in Europe and in the world. The total contribution to the global gross domestic product of this department is now about 7-8% and also regarding employment, the importance of this sector is really relevant with a number of workers that only in Europe is about 10 million people.
For this reason, the automotive sector for the aluminum world is an extremely important opportunity.
The use of aluminum in the automotive sector originates to the very beginnings of light metal.
The very first cases of its use date back to the beginning of 1900: Panhard Levassor of 1903, for example, already used this metal in the construction of the car body.
 Dec 13 Development of thixotropic Al suspensions The present work describes the route to develop an optimized T6 heat treatment applied to an automotive suspension arm diecast at semi-solid state with an AlSi7Cu3Mg secondary alloy by Swirled Enthalpy Equilibration Device process.
The influence of time and temperature during solution heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties is investigated. The spheroidization of eutectic Si, the progressive dissolution of Cu-rich compounds and the hardness variation of the alloy are observed and systematically quantified. Finally, the effects of temperature and time during artificial ageing are studied.

The mechanical properties of Al-Si-Cu-Mg foundry alloys can be improved by heat treatments due to the presence ...
 Dec 13 Alumotive - main theme: innovation Metef - the expo of customized technology for the aluminum and innovative metals industry - now in its tenth year, will take place in Verona from June 11th to 13th 2014 and will bring important news: the debut of Alumotive, the exhibition of innovative solutions and technological OEM components and materials in the automotive sector (cars, commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles, farm vehicles, earth moving machinery, subways and trains).
Over the past ten years the gradual implementation of the product sector has made Metef, sponsorized by Alfin-Edimet and organized by Veronafiere, a benchmark in the international trade fair sector, an exposition that recreates the entire production chain of innovative metals and aluminum, from extrusion to casting, with all material workings and finishing processes. In the same period of time there will also be stands at Metalriciclo-Recomat expo dedicated to present-day issues such as industrial recycling and materials reuse.
 Dec 13 Thirty years of export for Meccanica Pi.Erre It has gained the definition of "export champion", during a thirty-year period of gradual growth of its cross-border market and business size. And if the data confirm that more than 80% of its turnover comes from abroad, there is no doubt that this is the right definition, also because we are talking about a total figure that reaches 8 million Euros.
Meccanica Pi.Erre, a company from Bedizzole (BS) active in the field of cutting and finishing technologies for castings, is currently a small company that works with great success in an important market niche and aims at a very ambitious goal in the future: expanding its business in the United States and Brazil.
The main reference area of the company has always been that of automotive industry, specifically the motor sector: as a matter of fact Meccanica PI.Erre is the major supplier of the most important companies that operate for big manufacturers of cars and motorcycles. And if in a situation of strong and prolonged decrease in the sector in the short their programs include record investments for two million Euros, this undoubtedly means that during the last thirty years the Brescia-based company has been able to build considerable credibility.
 Nov 13 Energy and access to raw materials The European aluminium industry is penalized in comparison with the international competition: limited domestic growth, rising energy costs, the highest world awards for formats, import duties on rough metal, critical management of scrap and waste and, finally, a labor cost structure generally disadvantaged compared with emerging economies. It is a worrying situation, which could have very serious consequences on the sector. In this context, the processing system(rolling, extrusion, casting foundry) is going through very difficult moments that adversely affect even the manufacturing industry of the old continent ...
 Nov 13 OEE for extrusion plants This is the second article of a series of three concerning the application of OEE (Overall Extrusion Equipment Effectiveness) method in extrusion, wherein the production performances will be deepened.
The goal is to go beyond the basic analysis of a generic KPI "Performance", to create and manage more specific KPIs that allow an immediate identification of any lack of performances and the related causes and possible solutions: define more specific KPIs is needed as a generic one is just a simple average, although a weighted one.
 Nov 13 New joint venture between Hydro and Sapa The recent birth of a new reality in the Italian and international market of aluminium semi-finished products dates back to the last days of September. We're talking about Sapa Spa, a joint venture between Hydro and Sapa that have merged their businesses in the field of profiles, building systems and precision tubing.
The newly formed company may then take advantage of a deeply rooted and widespread presence on the territory, with an unparalleled network on all continents, as well as multiplied technical competence. Working together as a single reality will give the new Sapa group even greater effectiveness in responding to the needs of the market. Its mission is to offer customers all possible support and commitment at a time when new opportunities are dealt with by providing high quality, innovative and sustainable solutions ...
 Nov 13 Extrusion intelligence This is the first article of a series of three concerning the method of OEE in extrusion.
OEE is a very widespread method for evaluating quantitatively and qualitatively the plant productivity; its conception dates back to decades ago and it has been particularly implemented in the manufacturing industry and in the automotive, electronic, and process industry sector.
The aim is to bring this method in extrusion plants, in order to allow an accurate control of process parameters and to introduce it in all sorts of companies: at the present time, this system is used by medium and big groups only.
OEE, like other KPIs, is an immediate reading parameter which summarizes the plant efficiency and a temporary model that measures the main causes of the inefficiency of a production plant, normally called Six Big Losses, divided into three categories ...
 Oct 13 Duty that kills companies Metal Bulletin of August 5th publishes a note by Malcolm Mc Hale, President of Face, about competitiveness of aluminium in EU concerning duty. We recommend full reading the article where Mc Hale draws a quick history of duty on aluminium and the numerous abuses and distortions that this heavy tariff has created, especially in recent decades.
The question is what consequences would result from reducing to zero the duty on alloyedand unalloyed primary metal imported into EU, whilst leaving existing tariffs on semi-finished and finished products?
The following is the analysis;metal market ...
 Oct 13 SAVE THE WEIGHT AREA at ALUMOTIVE 2014 "Save the weight" area, initiative promoted by METEF technical committee, will be held in the Alumotive 2014 hall and aims at promoting excellent cases contributing to vehicle lightweight.
"Save the Weight" is created in association with Cluster for Lightweight Design (Leichtbau-Cluster, LC), a network of companies, research institutes and service providers dedicated to assist and promote cross-industrial cooperation in the field of lightweight design.
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