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 Jul 14 Aluminium Rheinfelden for innovation On May 31st, 1898 the first Al-electrolysis pots went into operation in Rheinfelden on the right bank of the Rhine river in Südbaden. This was the beginning of the Industrial Aluminium Production in Germany. 10 years earlier - in 1888 - Alusuisse had started the first industrial Aluminium Production in Europe in Neuhausen, Switzerland. In 1993 Alois Franke, then CEO of Aluminium Rheinfelden GmbH, bought the Rheinfelden Company from Alusuisse.
Since 2012, Erika Zender, who is Dr. Franke's daughter, joined the Aluminium Rheinfelden Group as Chief Commercial Officer. Currently she is also presiding one of three subsidiaries, Rheinfelden Alloys. Actually, Claudio Mus from Teksid in Carmagnola, is going to join the family-owned company as the new president for Rheinfelden's alloy business.
 Jun 14 THE TENTH METEF 2014 RELAUNCHES INNOVATION With over 400 exhibitors, 30% from foreign countries, and 20 delegations of international specialized operators and VIP visitors, METEF 2014 edition has exceeded 10,000 professional operators, 32% coming from 60 countries, first of all from Germany, followed by Turkey, Iran and the Eastern European countries, which are strategic markets searching for quality technology and specialization.
 May 14 METEF 2014: what you will see •Castings 2 mm thickness obtained from gravity and low pressure process (automotive)
•Magnesium castings for the automotive industry using low pressure technology
•Castasil-21, a high thermal conductivity aluminium alloy for heat exchange equipment
•Suspension components for commercial vehicles in austempered ductile cast iron (ADI)
 May 14 ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION FORUM Perspectives and challenges for the global extusion industry
The opinion of the top experts
June 12, 2014
14:00 hrs
Conference Room - Hall 2 - Veronafiere

The round table – chaired by Bruno Ruettimann, formerly working at Alcan Singen – will include speeches by: Eoin Dinsmore on the global extrusion market prospects, Lynn Brown of Aluminum Extruders Council on the extrusion industry in North America, D.A. Chandekar of Metalword in the Indian and Far East market, Mahmood Daylamy of Gulf Aluminium Council on the Middle-East market, Gerd Goetz of EAA on the European market, Ulli Schridde of Rusal on the Russian market, and Song Chao of China NFM Association on the Chinese market.
 May 14 The friends of industry are pressing for its relaunch in the EU At the end of January Rome has hosted the second Conference of the Friends of Industry of the EU countries, to reaffirm the commitment to finally put on the agenda the development of the European industry.
 Apr 14 Recycling industry: growth outlook for the aluminium sector According to a study by the Research area of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, while the European primary aluminium production is facing a crisis due to elevated energy costs, the recycling industry is reporting good performance. The study shows that Italy, accounting for a 1.3-million ton yearly consumption of unwrought aluminium products and over 1,600 companies involved, ranks second only to Germany in Western Europe but suffers from poor primary production, which has almost disappeared, and low global demand.
 Apr 14 ANFIA and the automotive - according to Aurelio Nervo, ANFIA's participation at METEF consolidates the synergies among industrial production chains Founded in Turin on 20th March 1912, ANFIA (Italian Association of the Automotive Industry) has been for over 100 years the advocate of the Italian companies operating at top levels in the sectors of manufacturing, processing and fitting of motor vehicles for private, public and commercial transportation. As trade association, ANFIA is the networking and strategic benchmark between the automotive trade and the Italian and international political and institutional scene.
With 230 member companies, ANFIA is one the main trade associations of CONFINDUSTRIA.
 Apr 14 METEF 2014 and the industrial recycling From 11th to 13th June 2014 METEF in Veronafiere, with the side event Metalriciclo, will be the stage where plant manufacturers, metals traders, environmental service providers, producers of scrap recovery and recycling technologies will meet to discuss on the lack of scrap that is damaging the European economy and to keep abreast of technical and professional developments thus gathering international qualified visitors. Many Italian and foreign operators are confirming their presence as new exhibitors and this will make the offer of the show even richer since it will display the best of the know-how in this sector.
This is another confirmation that Metalriciclo- Recomat, held within METEF 2014 as ...
 Apr 14 A new plunger tip system Die-casting engineers have to compete not only with other die-casting companies, but also against other industries such as plastics and composite materials. Clearly, the "black art" approach, which has been an inseparable part of the engineer's tools, is in need of being replaced by a scientific approach.
Excuses that "science has not and never will work" need to be replaced with "science does work". All the errors of the old models and the violations of physical laws are shown. For example, the “common” pQ2 diagram violates many physical laws, such as the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Furthermore, the "common" pQ2 diagram produces trends ...
 Mar 14 Disposal of die casting emulsions Tafime produce aluminum parts from liquid aluminum under high pressure on a mold. To avoid the adherence of the aluminum piece, the mold will be sprayed with an emulsion. Most of this emulsion is just pure water.
Three years ago when Tafime started the production of motor blocks for Chrysler, the process water was collected in a tank. An external company has responsability for the final disposal of the emulsions. This also meant high disposal costs.
Due to the water shortage in Mexico, Tafime thought about the Recycling of the water in the process while planning the new production line.
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