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 Oct 12 High energy efficient machines As from June 2011, electric motors fitted to industrial machinery are required to meet the IE2 energy efficiency class with an efficiency of about 2% higher than previous class IE1 models. And Idra, a well-known Brescia-based manufacturer of die-casting machines, has readily adapted to this.
 Sep 12 An innovative eco-friendly vesels This project involves the construction of a vessel designed and built entirely at the University of Brescia, (UNIBS), by the Department of Mechanical Engineering in particular, and in collaboration with the CSMT (Technological and Multisectorial Services Centre). The idea was born and grew within the CUS Brescia Sailing Team, following the specifications in the notice for the university regatta "Mille e Una Vela" (A thousand and one sails) which requires that the vessel to be later used in the sailing race be specifically designed and constructed.
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 Sep 12 The Portovesme plant and the collapse of the primary production The case of the Portovesme-based Alcoa primary aluminium plant is causing great concern for the consequences of yet another industrial closure in a territory where the unemployment rate is high and is stirring up deep solidarity for many people without prospects.
 Sep 12 Systems exported worldwide Great commercial commitment to international expansion as well as great technical commitment to continuously improve product quality and widen product range. This is how Gabriele Galante, IMF founder and former president of Amafond, summarises forty years of IMF's solid presence in the industry.
 Sep 12 The non-ferrous metal industry in Italy during 2011 During 2011 the turnover of the industry was € 23.8 thousand million which means an increase by 7.6%. Upward trends in all the main segments whether in volume or unit value: aluminium €10.9 thousand million (+7.8%), copper € 8.4 thousand million (+6.7), lead € 377 thousand million (+9.9%), zinc € 682 thousand million (+2.3%) and precious metal € 3.3 thousand million (+13.5%), even though a large part of this trend is because of rising raw material costs.
 Aug 12 Sustainable development indicators The EAA report "Sustainability of the European aluminium industry 2010"
Since 2002, EAA has been regularly reporting on the industry's Sustainable Development Indicators (SDIs) to document the sector's efforts towards a competitive, environmentally friendly and growing industry.
 Jul 12 Spot welding of aluminium components The automotive supplier Georg Fischer Automotive has developed the solution for the door frames of the new Porsche Panamera alongside Fronius, partner for welding systems, using an alternative version of the process of resistance spot welding.
 Jul 12 Machine tools: foreign orders on the rise, dull domestic market In the first quartet 2012, the rate of machine tools, elaborated by the Study and Entrepreneurial Culture Centre of UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, has reported a 10.5% increase over the same period last year corresponding to an absolute equal to 124.7 (2005 = 100).
 Jul 12 The Audi lightweight strategy The debate on climate change, the future availability of fossil fuels and social megatrends such as increasing urbanization are presenting new issues of interest to customers. In the light of these changes, the Audi Group placed its core brand Audi on a more future-proof footing in the 2010 fiscal year through Strategy 2020.
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