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 Dec 12 Al: protagonist in Mercedes engines More and more often engine blocks are made from special materials such as aluminium or magnesium alloys.
And they are designed to be lightweight and more resistant, and to guarantee a better performance in terms of life and consumption. A highly technical example of this comes from two leading companies in the world of mechanical processing, and in particular, of processing aluminium.
 Nov 12 A CNC system to speed finishing operations Sicmat is a leading manufacturer of gear finishing machine tools for the automotive industry and its suppliers. The Grono 250 honing machine by Sicmat, thanks to a special honing wheel with external teeth and an ultra-precise application-specific CNC programme developed by NUM, provides the accuracy of gear shaving, but in a process applied after gears are quenched, thus eliminating the need for shaving and grinding.
 Nov 12 Protectionist barriers have no place In the current "fragile" economic environment, most processors of non-ferrous metals are complaining of "a lack of material to process" while many consumers "are feeling pain at the prices they need to pay for our scrap to feed their furnaces", it was acknowledged in Barcelona by Robert Stein of US-based Alter Trading. Mr Stein, who will stay on for an additional year as President of the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division, went on to insist: "Consumers around the world need to understand that the international flow of scrap metal is not what is currently making scrap expensive; it's a combination of underlying metals values coupled with a lower level of supply that is making a marked and negative impact."
 Nov 12 The MAK model The commodities market is one of the markets definitely proving the negative effects of the current economic climate. With a high speculative pressure associated to strong demand variations, price volatility has increased exponentially with an impact on other financial markets.
 Nov 12 Metef-Foundeq and Foundry-Planet, new editorial synergy Significant synergy with the German online edition of Foundry Planet which has recently decided to combine resources with Diecasting & Foundry Techniques. For many years, this journal has addressed the foundry world devoting considerable space to the manufacturers of machinery and systems, equipment, accessories, materials and products for foundry and to the main benchmark events.
 Oct 12 The use of zirconium based conversion coatings Aluminium and its alloys are extraordinarily versatile materials. The range of forms they can take (castings, extrusions and tubes, sheet and plate, foil, powder, forgings etc) and variety of surface finishes available (coatings, anodizing, polishing etc) allow to use them for a wide range of products, many of which are used in everyday life.
 Oct 12 New auto-darkening welding helmet Auto-darkening welding helmets have made welding not only more productive and practical, but also safer since a welder’s hands are left free, which guarantees better protection against smokes and spatter.
 Oct 12 Alu bevcans recycling in 2010 The overall recycling rate for aluminium beverage cans in the EU 27 including EFTA countries and Turkey increased by 2.4% to 66.7% in 2010. After the difficult economic situation in the previous years the consumption of aluminium beverage cans increased by a further 2 billion units to a total of 36 billion cans in 2010.
 Oct 12 Packaging: a good moment With recycling over 60% italy confirms the positive trend of recent years. The 2011 results for the collection and recycling of aluminium packaging are more than satisfactory. The figures presented during the annual meeting of CIAL (National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminium Packaging) in Milan today confirmed this.
 Oct 12 Mario Bertoli quits EAA'committee As you know I have decided to quit my appointment in the commitee of Eaa after over seven years of keen presence within the association; I will be missing the active participation in the sublime assembly like ExCom of Eaa, but I think it was the adequate move in order to provide scope for other authorities and experiences.
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