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 Jul 17 A more international Metef The eagerly awaited eleventh edition of Metef just ended in Verona; a great interest was clearly visible, business linked to the aluminium and foundry worlds is brisk, the dominant theme recorded was that of an more international character. There was a 25% increase in the number of foreign operators and visitors with respect to the previous edition; a leading role was played by commercial delegations coming from countries with solid industrial traditions, such as, the United States, Germany, Austria, Russia, and by markets where technical and production capacity is developing fast, such as India, Iran, Iraq, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico. The presence of great primary metal producer should be underlined: Europe with HYDRO, the Gulf, present with EGA and with the top management of the Gulf Aluminium Council, Russia with RUSAL, India with VEDANTA and Iran.
 May 15 VERONAFIERE LAUNCHES METEF'S NEW PROJECT FOR THE FUTURE METEF, expo of customized technology for the aluminium and innovative metals industry, and its siding shows Foundeq, Metalriciclo and Alumotive move to odd-numbered years. This choice was announced by Giovanni Mantovani, General Manager of Veronafiere, and aims at meeting the needs of the adhering companies by showcasing the specialization of the Italian and European firms in the aluminium and innovative metals industry in a single event scheduled for 21st through 24th June 2017. In force of this process, METEF will invest on a communication plan that involves a further development of METEF’s project, approaching new markets and offering real business opportunities to the companies that invest on the expo next edition. This is why from 2015 METEF is organizing a series of Road Shows and B2B meetings in association with AMAFOND – Italian association of companies which produce machinery, plants, furnaces products and services for the foundry industry, in the different reference markets with the aim to boost promotion by the potential visitors of the show next edition, that is international specialized operators, technicians and purchasing managers as well as foreign institutional delegations in order to side the exhibiting companies in an uninterrupted relationship path in view of the expo. METEF 2014 HIGHLIGHTS Over 10,000 total visitors 31% foreign visitors Over 400 total exhibitors 30% foreign exhibitors 20 foreign official delegations from 60 countries 29 siding events
 Apr 15 HIGH PRESSURE DIE CASTING (HPDC) SCHOOL RISES IN BRESCIA – ITALY The urgent need for generational change in the roles of technical and organizational diecasting foundries and the need to close the gap in educational pushed Csmt Management and AQM to rise in Brescia the first Italian High Pressure Die Casting School.
CSMT Management and AQM, as part of the partnership launched in late 2014, taking advantage of the existing CSMT COMPETENCE CENTER OF CASTING and consolidated experience of AQM in the technical training of high-level and in the management of technical schools with certification of skills, bring to market a new national graduate school, only in Italy, with value and international credibility.
The High Pressure Die Casting School will be developed thanks to the essential synergy with partners promoters.
The purpose of the school will be to form three professionals:
HPDC, HPDC project manager and HPDC production manager.
It 'also expected the support of some important local institutions, national trade associations and international NADCA (North American Die Casting Association) who expressed much interest in the initiative, which in a similar way, was also promoted in the USA.

The first edition will start in September 2015.
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 Jen 15 EGA enters the top 5 primary aluminium producers The aluminium industry in the Gulf has grown dramatically over the recent years and reached 5 million tonnes by 2014, by establishing six of the most modern aluminium smelters and large number of downstream aluminium industries. The investment in the sector is more than US$ 40 billion, the industry employs a large number of nationals and contributes significantly to the economy of the GCC countries. We speak of these big developments with Abdulla Kalban, the Managing Director and CEO of Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) and also the Chairman of the Gulf Aluminium Council (GAC), the coordinating body that represents, promotes and protects the interests of the aluminium industry within the Gulf. Moreover, Mr. Kalban is the elected chairman of International Aluminium Institute (IAI), this being the first time that an ...
 Jen 15 Meeting Mahmood Daylami Mahmood Daylami is General Secretary of the Gulf Aluminium Council (GAC), the major organization representing the aluminium industry in the Gulf countries. It is a continuously developing sector and the delicate role of Mr. Daylami is to ensure coordination among associated enterprises in order to promote the sector's optimal growth. In recent years, the global aluminium industry has experienced momentous changes, from old Europe-North America world the production center has shifted eastwards. China has become the largest producer and consumer of light metal in the world, Europe is declining in primary production due to high energy costs, the Middle East stands as a candidate for becoming one of the main production poles of light metal in the world. In many other areas of the globe, aluminium is taking its first steps as best material for the development of local economies ...
 Jen 15 20th Metra competition Sistema d'Autore The 20 winners of Metra Sistema d'Autore 2013 competition were awarded on last September 25 with a ceremony held at the company's headquarters in Rodengo Saiano (BS) in the presence of about a hundred participants. The competition is a must appointment in the world of construction and architecture promoted by Metra since 1991, and the goal of 20 editions represents an unmatched record in the sector.
As pointed out by President Bruno Bertoli in his opening greetings, Sistema d'Autore International Competition represented and still represents the reference point of aesthetic and technological development …
 Dec 14 Innovation awards Alluminio Sammarinese Design creativity and careful planning of the production process: these elements have enabled Alluminio Sammarinese to win the competition against Asian low-cost producers and acquire from Ikea an important contract for the supply of extruded profiles in aluminium alloy. With this global customer, quantities are extremely demanding, as well as quality and service requirements.
Alluminio Sammarinese took up the challenge by designing and implementing a fully automated production line, first of its kind that was awarded Metef 2014 Innovation Award for solutions effectiveness and production efficiency.
 Dec 14 Recycling of aluminium closures Due to improved collection and recycling in various European countries the average aluminium closures recycling rate is now at 45%. Aluminium recycling saves up to 95% energy use compared to its primary production, with the corresponding savings in greenhouse gas emissions. It can be recycled over and over without any loss of quality. Due to the high scrap value of aluminium a considerable part, if not all of its collection and sorting cost, can be offset. Depending on the system, collection and recycling of aluminium is "good business".
 Dec 14 The EU import tariff on primary aluminium costs billions of Euros to downstream SME's, and nearly half of the amount is diverted away to extra-EU companies. The first-ever economic study on the downstream EU aluminium industry conducted by LUISS University in Rome unveils the magnitude of the damage inflicted on EU SME's and the unfair competitive advantages given to EU and extra-EU producers by the current import tariff regime and the financial diversions it permits.
The maintaining by the EU of an economically unjustified import duty on primary aluminium has imposed up to 15.5 billions Euros additional costs to downstream aluminium SMEs in the past fourteen years, seriously impinging on their competitiveness, and has allowed producers of this metal in and outside Europe to cash-in important artificial benefits to the detriment of the competitiveness of the EU aluminium industry. This extra-cost is due to the fact that all producers of primary aluminium artificially include an equivalent of the value of the 6% import duty on all the metal sold into the EU, irrespective of its origin.
 Nov 14 Between aesthetics and functionality It is not over yet, but we can start analyzing it without fearing that its growth rate could incorporate and change our beliefs. We are talking about the crisis or, as well, all those changes that in ten months have restructured global economy and from which we will never come back.
According to this analysis, we can realize, for example, how packaging is clearly definable as a non-cyclical industry sector. More non-cyclical than food industry to which it is strongly linked and that is often taken as an example of inflexibility.
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