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Improving results for Alcoa
Cautious optimism for alufoil sales
Record for China's non ferrous output
Metra at Shanghai World Expo 2010
Aluminium in Commercial Vehicles
Chinalco to restart its capacity
European Aluminium in Renovation Award 2009
Alcoa to idle smelting operations in Italy
20 years of Kauffmann & Sons
ANIMA's survey on 2009 third quarter
Ice and aluminium fuel rockets
Australian investigations against Chinese export
UC Rusal to supply aluminium in China
Aluminium: the material of the future
Hydro divests automotive structures activities
Japanese stocks at the lowest level
Rio tinto: stop to Coega smelter project
Packaging industry to drive US demand
Record Audi Centre in London
Chinalco in Rusal?
Rio Tinto Alcan: Chinese joint venture
Burj Dubai exterior is now complete
China dominates the aluminium industry
EU: 5 years tax on alufoil import
Aluminium in front at IAA 2009
Jaguar selects Novelis' aluminium
Alufoil Trophy 2010
Completion of modernisation at Krasnoyarsk
Aluminium for Mitsubishi Aircraft
Growth of the Russian auto subcontracting
Audi again chooses Hydro
etma’s 50th anniversary Congress
An aluminium fuselage barrier for Bombardier
U.S. can recycling reached 54.2% in 2008
Gulf Countries will lead aluminium industry
Aluminium above $2,000
Emal project is not affected by global recession
EAA competition: poker hand for Metra
Jaguar and aluminium: eco-sustainable alliance
CiAl awards the 'Recycling Municipalities'
Aluminium cap for champagne
Boeing 787: first flight postponed
Alcoa: Q2 better than expected
Green Architecture Website
Coca-Cola: Keep it going recycle!
The ETS directive is not against aluminium
German foundries expecting weak 2009
The winners of 'Obiettivo Alluminio'
BIR World Recycling Convention
First year of didactics at work
Dallas Cowboys new stadium
Rio Tinto to renounce to Chinalco
Japanese aluminium outlook for 2009
India: aluminium output to grow in 2010
F.A.R.O. meeting at Ducati
Aluminium door frames for the green home
Rio-Chinalco: the agreement wavers
Increased use of aluminium sheet in cars
Confindustria Metalli is born
Precious aluminium
How UC Rusal is facing the economic downturn
Fiftieth anniversary for etma
The solar industry chooses aluminium
Brazilian aluminium: 2008 consumption record
14th World Aluminium Conference
Alufoil Trophy 2009 Winners
Economist De Novellis explains the crisis
4th edition of Metra's biyearly award
Recycling success for aluminium foil trays in EU
Obiettivo Alluminio 2009
The transport world gathers at Alumotive 2009
Canned Diet Coke=smaller carbon footprint
AL model of the Eiffel tower: fully recyclable!
Aluminium in Renovation Award
Waiting for the effects of the incentives
Eurometaux meets president Barroso
Russia lands at Alumotive
China: 5% tax on aluminium imports?
A look at the industrial production
Metalriciclo 2009 soon sold out
Aluminium vehicles: efficient, safe and affordable
The Gulf Aluminium Council
Rusal to increase efficiency
US customs duties on steel
EPA: new rules for nonferrous industry
Alumotive relaunches transport subcontracting
Impressive projects in the Middle East
Chinalco: sustainable production
2009: another challenge for alufoil
Audi and aluminium: winning alliance
Zamak convention, great success!
Uncsaal defends the 55% allowances
The aluminium recycling situation in USA
Alumotive 2009: soon sold out
BIR recommend the REACh pre-register
Orgalime's general meeting
BIR officially calls upon EU Commission
To teach the youth aluminium
Edimet's new publishing initiative
Joining & material trends in automotive
More on aluminium and food
Aluminium/Innovation award: the winners
Alcoa's spaceframe for Ferrari California
Mandelson and the aluminium duty
Metra and Abu Dhabi's “shell”
Anima: survey on 2008 second quarter
Aluminium and food
The Aluminum Show
Hydro: Capital Markets Day 2008
Operation recycling 2008
A wave made of aluminium
Global outlook on primary
The International Foundry Forum
New waste processing technology for UC Rusal
10th OEA Aluminium Recycling Congress
Waiting for Arabal 2008
Alarm raised by the Australian Commission
Chip treatment at Metalriciclo 2009
9th Intl. Automobile Recycling Congress
Taking a walk with aluminium
EAA Activity Report 2007 out now
Waiting for Arabal 2008
Vimetco in Sierra Leone
CiAl and the Giffoni Film Festival
The International Foundry Forum
Aluminium and the sea
Out-of-use vehicles: the agreement
Success for Faro's 2008 second meeting
The Italian mechanics holds tight
Aluminium for Beijing's Airport
No need to acquire Rio Tinto?
UC Rusal promotes the research
New projects for Nalco
Foundry slag for road foundation?
Getting cool while waiting for the bus
International Environment Festival
Assofermet's 'Sistema d'Impresa' project
New research centre for aluminium
Reverse charge for all kinds of scrap
Audi wins for its use of aluminium
'alu pack vision' award
CiAL, 2007 balance sheet
Aluminum Association and the sustainability
Continued price escalation of metals
Carbon footprint: a reliable indicator?
Alufoil Trophy 2008
UC Rusal's 2008 first quarter results
Aluminium aerosol can market is booming
Policies for the future of metallurgy
Foreigners boom at Metef
The scrap metal “Green Book”
European aluminium market analysis
'Relocators' are back
Metal business trend in Spain
F.A.R.O.: 2008 edition on its way
South Africa and BHP Billiton
The advantages of aluminium in transportation
The Italian industry of the building shell
Metef-Foundeq 2008 and internationality
Publication about gravity casting foundries
Aluminium vs. steel in the naval sector
Widespread success for the Diecasting Day 2008
Aluminium price is expected to increase
Aluminium and music
Castings and extrusions on stage at Metef 2008
Metef-Foundeq 2008: last booths available
Bhp tries again with Rio Tinto
A new smelter in Brunei
The building shell in 2007
Aluminium: The Thirteenth Element
A suitcase packable motorcycle
UC Rusal at Metef 2008
Alcoa: 4Q profits exceed expectations
Let’s party with aluminium packaging
A project for a refinery in Sierra Leone
Cast Metals Federation UK Awards
Environmental code: the procedure goes on
Aluminium and food: need of clear rules
Foundry convention
Convention on food packaging
15th congress on recycled aluminium
Raee, the register
The mining industry is in a continuous ferment
Thin-film glass photovoltaic curtain walls
UC Rusal anticipates BHP-Rio Tinto
'Alluminio/Innovazione' Award
2007 Assofermet Fall Convention
In close-up there are applications at Metef 2008
Aluminium in Renovation Award: the winners
UC Rusal: nine month results
Alumotive 2007: specialization is winning
Aluminium Extrusion Design Competition '08
Alumotive 2007 to go
Rio Tinto Alcan is almost a reality
The management of non ferrous metal purchases
Metalriciclo the prominent guest at Metef 2008
Aluminium: used for microwave cooking at last!
Master's degree in eco-design and innovation
Qatar: investments for 130 million euros
Alcoa has sells in China and aims at Australia
How much aluminium in Chinese cars?
Great success for Metalriciclo
The environmental norms starts from scratch
The language of recycling for everybody
China gives new energy to aluminium
F.A.R.O. at Metalriciclo 2007
Russia import duty reductions
Three shows for castings and extrusions
Aluminium news for architecture
Aluminium packages in 2006
Al, sustainability & environmental regulations
ASSIRAL's meeting
Metalriciclo and 'il Sole 24 Ore'
Alcan-Rio Tinto: ready for the merger
Aluminium for building renovation
The Decree on aluminium & food is on the go
Focus on the New Environmental Code Review
USA: can recycling is booming
Ferrous scrap and market quality
Aluminium and food
Aluminium celebrates with Ferrari
Scrap and energy: closer and closer
Tins turn 200!
Energy and recycling meet
The trend of aluminium windows & doors in '07
The Italian foundry sector over the last 25 years
Faeco: a virtuous example
Will ferritic grades replace austenitic materials?
"The Awakening": the aluminium striking power
Scrap? An energy bank
An “aluminium hill” for the Paris Philharmonic
New sponsorship for Metalriciclo
More on aluminium duty cut
Winner of renovation award - UK
Second award for aluMATTER
Vittorio de Nora awarded for his studies
The lightest fifth wheel for the trucking industry
Primary: demand to double by 2020
Brazilian consumption on the growth
Waiting for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing
HTDC at Metef 2008
Raw materials: future contexts
Metalriciclo: the strength of sponsorship
Restoration of the Borgo Wührer
Aluminium car front section reduces emissions
Building shell: growing
Research project on microstructure modelling
Special on the building industry: don't miss it!
Alufoil Trophy 2007
Energy: EU survey on tariff regulations
New Reach on chemicals from June
EAA launches Aluminium in Renovation Award
IIR: where & how to buy aluminium today
Aluminium in the forefront at Alumex 07-Dubai
Degree thesis on aluminium: Metra Award
Aluminium contribution to cleaner vehicles
Metalriciclo 2007: second run
Diecasting and foundry repertoire
Aluprogetto: stay in Rome
Primary: explorations in Papua New Guinea
A new supercar makes its debut
Third meeting with Alumotive
Uncsaal energy saving
Racing Car Technology Museum
Quebec: the cradle for AP50 global development
Rusal launches Khakas aluminium smelter
aluMATTER awarded
New appointment for F.A.R.O.
Sustainability of the EU aluminium industry 2006
The winners of the 2006 Nardi Award
Online magazines from today on
Metef: see you in 2008
Bir autumn round-table sessions
AIM's 60th anniversary
Voltage cables in aluminium
Hydro invests in Hamburg plant
Vehicle powered by biofuel
All Edimet news in a click
Industry committed to sustainable development
Growing waiting for Alumex 2007
Off with the duty: FACE says the goal is near
Aluminium Recycling Team 13
Web, the ally of the ‘made in Italy’
Design offensive for aluminium aerosol cans
Libero Ravaioli is Uncsaal’s President
TechFLUID 2007 in Piacenza
K Day 2006
International Foundry Forum
100% Norwegian design in London
HTDC 2006: weighing up diecasting
Qatalum reaches important milestone
More than positive début for Metalriciclo
Revision of the environmental provisions
Metalriciclo: the needed exhibition
AFFG Round Table at Metalriciclo
Brescia: king of metal recycling
Sole 24Ore initiative at Metalriciclo
Aluminium aerosol cans on the increase
Growing in the market of Raw Materials
A Trading Area for secondary metal operators
3rd International Conference HTDC
The way to meet the CO2 target for cars
Major British award for aluminium architecture competition
AEC announces 2005 end-use figures
Two busy days of work in the Capital
Assomet Meeting and Libro Verde presentation
Official launch of Metalriciclo
The value of raw materials and scrap
Remade In Italy arrives in Beijing
Confindustria’s position as for the customs duty
Metalriciclo, rich in conventions and meetings
Brass market: what’s its future?
14th Metra Sistema d’Autore competition
MoU signed for Icelandic Greenfield Smelter
Russia: large project in the aluminium industry
Face: abolition of the duty on primary aluminium
Hindalco to set up world-class aluminium smelter
Italian-Egyptian Protocol of Intent at Metef
Metef 2006: final figures
Extrusion and innovation: themes discussed at Metef
Steels For Dies: Solutions For Being Competitive
Today meeting with structural aluminium
Metef-Foundeq-Timatec: 2 days to go
Countdown for Metef-Foundeq-Timatec 2006
Golden jubilee for silvery metal
Expotecnica, competition cars museum
AIM Study Day: Wear-proof treatments
Aluminium growth in Automotive
Metra with the Nardi Award 2006
Roundtable discussion at Extruders' Congress
New synergies in welded aluminium tubing
Extrusions for furnishing: a Metef seminar
During Metef, a Convention on innovation
Specification on steels for tools
World-class aluminium plant in Qatar
Aluminium: rules for development
No dumping, 100% recovery
2005 alufoil sales hit all time high
Prices of copper and brass scraps are worrying Competition
New smelter in Iceland: feasibility study
‘Thumbs up’ for Alufoil use in microwave ovens
Research to Business, meeting in Bologna
Steels for tools: specifications made in Italy
Metra meets Mauro Staccioli’s sculture
aluminium&cars, the book
China and India: menace for a short time more
Alufoil Trophy 2006 winners
Next Saturday, meeting for the Diecasting Day
Countdown for Metra Competition
Course on advanced structural design
AL January issue: focus on primary aluminium
Brass: mind-boggling prices
A book to celebrate Gerli hundredth anniversary
Radio advertisement of al window and door frames
The winner of the Swedish Packaging Design Award
During Metef 2006, a Forum on the diecasting work cell
A very Merry Xmas and a happy New Year
from aluplanet team

Al, as young as you
Europolis exhibition next February in Bologna
Diecasting, the state of-the-art
Foundry at Metef
Expo Build China 2006
Foundry of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Surface treatments, machining and joining at Metef
The first dross press manufactured in Italy
Forum on die casting plant engineering
A centre for metallurgy environmental research
Regulations protecting competitiveness
Rimat: Research, Materials, Technologies for the Bio-medical Sector
Industrial safety and workers’ health
Third quarter 05: more orders for machine tools
Great success for Alumotive
"From die to quality diecasting"
Pan, new born in the Alucook family
Life-Ambiente 2005: the Italian projects are 15
Call for papers for Timatec 2006 meeting
Alumotive: the meeting sessions of Friday 21st
Alumotive: here are the meeting sessions
A garden made of aluminium
ALUprogetto: appreciated structural aluminium
New Mexall Sistemi plant in Salerno
Cans: Al up to 65% in EU
Pressure diecasting… on the air
Permanent school of metallography
Forming Suite, to reduce costs.
Nonfermet is coming
For building upgrading
Great creativity in packaging
Prospects for Italian manufacturing
Al at the Festivaletteratura in Mantova
Aluminium, recycling and environment
Organisation continues of Metef 2006
Capital goods slow down
Al & Politics
Appointment with extruders at Metef 2006
AIM study day in Milan
EU Commission acknowledges XC Engineering
Near Parma: Zero discharge/100% recycling
Assofond AGM
Assomet Assembly in Milan
On-line the 2006 aluprogetto award announcement
The global watch mission seminar
Metef co-organising an event in India
Alcoa working for sustainability
Al & Creativity
Good news for the Al population
Alumex 2005 Conference
Metef even more international
Innovation in packaging from Japan
ALUprogetto at Metef 2006
TT and Altek agree deal
EAA conference at Metef 2006
Third Eco-Efficiency biennial
Multilingual technical documents
Surface Treatments - Machining and Joining
The Aluminium Atlas
From F1 to the rally... and soon at Alumotive
A convention on foundry operations at Metef 06
Eating everywhere: the pictures of the awarded projects
Issues in Italian extrusion
Idra-Baraldi-VeTec agreement
Everything on engine grinding at Alumotive
Foundry simulation
Extrusions awarded by ET Foundation
Uncsaal yearly report
New smelter in Oman
Grandi Involucri hit the mark
Alufoil Trophy 2005
Alcan and Aluminium de Grèce
Sual looks to construct 500,000tpy smelter
MemoriAL at Saiedue
Preview at Edimet stand
1st meeting F.A.R.O. 2005
Sates 2005, between innovation and tradition
European aluminium industry
European window: positive prospects expected in 2004
The importance of filtering the hydraulic fluid
Hydro: precision pipe new plant in China
Sual: a new plant for non-stick kitchenware
2004 edition safely filed away; work already under way for 2006
Automotive and aluminium: the pleasure of Edonis
Aliberico Packaging
Alcala de Henares plant working at full capacity
With Metra, trains speed all over Europe
Aluminium Gallery
A Hindalco initiative to grow the aluminium market in India...
Indirect extrusion
now interprets packaging requirements
Positive blance for Amag automotive
Novelis: the new name in the world rolling
More and More Russian spoken at Alcoa
Alcoa to acquire two Rusal facilities
Kam Kiu Aluminium Group
Atomium: the auto-recycling building
Pandolfo Alluminio
Qatar Petroleum and Hydro
Looking forward to Christmas 2004
Italpresse – Volkswagen: new foundry in Poznan
New aluminium 2005
Metal Bulletin: secondary takes centre stage in Milan
ALUCOOK range being rolled out
Alto Dies: Large Sizes and Growing Precision
Aluminium in the restructuring of buildings
CiAl at 2005
Alcoa at 2006 Winter Olympic Games
EAA for sustainability
Sapa Report January

Full-scale modernization program for Rusal Armenal
Aluminium 2005
Foil mill modernization complete
Aluminium and 2005
Int’l Aluminium-Pressure Die Casting Competition 2004
Sistema d’Autore competition no.12
Italian Extruders 2004
New Electromagnetic Casting of Billets
Welded Aluminium in Cruise Liners
FARO Economic 2005
Non-stop Surprises from METEF
ET awards: extrusion for transport
Aluminium Petroleum Platform
EAA Annual Report
The July Report issued by EAA
Casting of the Year 2005
CiAl, the first year of ‘Sympathetic Collection’
"Tube of the year 2004" 2005
"Pirellone" Skyscraper Reborn with Aluminium
HYDRO expands Italian aluminium rolling mill
METRA concentrating on 2005
Centroal round 2005

Annual ordinary Assomet assembly
The World Primary Aluminium Producers
Cial: Excellent Results and Many Plans
Agreement between Alcoa and Rusal
Another two factories join the American group's European structure
The duty of 2005
The May Report issued by EAA
The future of the extrusion plants
Al editorial department has done an interesting research...
2004 Olympic Games: aluminium in the lime light
aluminium’s successful presence at Olympic Games
Aluminium Extrusion renewed
The first issue in 2004 has come out!
VIth edition of “Structural Design Using Aluminium”
An EU Leonardo project coordinated by Skanaluminium, Oslo
China advances and Europe wonders
Foundry: Italian technology promoted by ICE-Amafond
METEF: aluminium design history exhibition
Alluminio Design Italia: aluminium design and architecture in the XXth Century in Italy

High Tech Diecasting
2nd International Conference
21-22 April 2004
Montichiari - Brescia - Italy

Success for the first CONSTRUCTAL

"Structural projecting with aluminium" course
An EU Leonardo project coordinated by Skanaluminium, Oslo
a programme dedicated to small and medium-sized industries.
F.A.R.O. – Economic Briefing
All the details on last meeting 2003
International aluminium market
A deep analysis…
Raw materials
Interview with Cesare Coccia, chairman of Assomet